Plan Bay Area 2040

Adopted July 26, 2017

Plan Bay Area 2040 is the strategic update to Plan Bay Area (2013), and it builds on earlier work to develop an efficient transportation network, provide more housing choices, and grow in a financially and environmentally responsible way.

Plan Bay Area is a roadmap to help Bay Area cities and counties preserve the character of our diverse communities while adapting to the challenges of future population growth.

Below are links to the adopted Plan Bay Area document, its companion Environmental Impact Report and related supplementary documents.

An amendment to the adopted Plan Bay Area 2040 (2017) was added in March 2018 to modify the scope and project cost of the U.S. Highway 101 Managed Lanes Project in San Mateo County. A second amendment was added in May 2020 to modify the scope and project cost of the Interstate 680 Express Lanes Gap Closure Project in Alameda County.

Plan Bay Area 2040 Documents

Plan Bay Area 2040

Environmental Impact Report:

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