Chapter 1: Introduction and Growth Geographies

The Draft Plan Bay Area 2050 Introduction delves into the plan’s two cross-cutting themes: equity and resilience to uncertainty.

Chapter 1 Cover: Introduction and Growth Geographies

Chapter 1: Introduction and Growth Geographies

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This chapter outlines Plan Bay Area 2050’s adopted vision statement and five guiding principles: “To ensure by the year 2050 that the Bay Area is affordable, connected, diverse, healthy and vibrant for all.” Partnership and public engagement were essential to crafting this vision and developing the plan’s 35 strategies.

Included within this chapter is an overview of Plan Bay Area 2050’s “Growth Geographies,” which are areas within the Bay Area’s nine counties where future housing and/or job growth would be focused under the plan’s strategies over the next 30 years. These geographies are identified for growth either by local jurisdictions or because of their proximity to transit or opportunities like well-resourced schools or easy access to jobs. Learn more about the four types of Growth Geographies featured in the plan and see them plotted on a map in the Growth Geographies handout.