Plan Bay Area 2050 Public Engagement Round 1 (Fall 2019)

In Fall 2019, there were two elements comprising Round 1 public engagement: pop-up events held in-person at locations throughout the Bay Area, and the online Mayor of Bayville game. Below are comments from those activities.

Plan Bay Area 2050 Pop-Up Events (Fall 2019)

Mayor of Bayville Game

The award-winning Mayor of Bayville game was promoted for 6 weeks in late 2019 in order to attract feedback from a younger audience about the issues that would be addressed in the Plan Bay Area 2050 Blueprint. Through gamification, participants provided over 10,000 responses that would be used to help shape the future of the Bay Area. The game was available in English, Spanish and Chinese, and reached over 3,000 participants across all nine Bay Area counties.

Participants were invited to prioritize and comment on proposed strategies for improving mobility, meeting the Bay Area’s housing challenges, sustaining economic growth and protecting the environment. All told, residents in 84 of the Bay Area’s 101 cities and towns participated. While future results from the Mayor of Bayville are no longer being included as part of the official record of Plan Bay Area comments, the game is still playable.