meeting Details

Policy Advisory Council Equity & Access Subcommittee

Friday, September 22, 2023 - 12 p.m.
Board Room - 1st Floor

Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Agenda Items

Pamela Campos, Anne Olivia Eldred*, Ilaf Esuf, Christine Fitzgerald (Chair), Randi Kinman, Gabriela Orantes, Johnny Parker Jr., (Vice Chair), Vinay Pimple, Terry Scott, and Howard Wong

Agenda item1.

Call Meeting to Order / Roll Call / Confirm Quorum

Agenda item2.

Welcome - Christine Fitzgerald, Policy Advisory Council Equity & Access Subcommittee Chair

Agenda item3.


Agenda item3a.

Agenda item4.


Agenda item4a.

Regional Mapping and Wayfinding Project - Accessibility & Equity Update

Update on the Regional Mapping and Wayfinding Project’s approach to accessible design and engagement around accessibility.

Agenda item4b.

MTC’s Community Action Resource and Empowerment (CARE) Program

Overview of MTC’s CARE Program Cycle 1 Draft Guidelines for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23 through FY 2025-26.

Agenda item5.

New Business

Agenda item6.

Public Comments / Other Business

Agenda item7.

Adjournment / Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Policy Advisory Council Equity & Access Subcommittee will be held at a time and location to be duly noticed.