Goals and Targets

One of the first steps in updating Plan Bay Area is to re-examine the prior Plan’s goals and targets in order to make them as meaningful as possible in measuring the Plan’s performance.

The Plan Bay Area 2040 performance targets will be used to compare scenarios, highlight tradeoffs between goals, analyze proposed investments and flag issue areas where the Plan may fall short. In line with the limited and focused nature of this update, the goals and performance targets build upon the foundation of the prior Plan; the spring 2015 open houses were used to solicit public input on updated goals and targets.

The Plan Bay Area 2040 goals, adopted by MTC and ABAG in September 2015, preserve the goals in full from the prior Plan Bay Area. In September and November 2015, the two agencies adopted a total of 13 performance targets to guide the Plan's development. 

The table below shows the goals and all performance targets as approved by MTC and ABAG in late 2015.

Goals and performance targets as approved by MTC and ABAG in late 2015.
Goal  #   Performance Target
  1 Reduce per-capita CO2 emissions from cars and light-duty trucks by 15%
  2 House 100% of the region’s projected growth by income level without displacing current low-income residents and with no increase in in-commuters over the Plan baseline year*
Healthy and Safe
  3 Reduce adverse health impacts associated with air quality, road safety, and physical inactivity by 10%
Open Space and
Agricultural Preservation
  4 Direct all non-agricultural development within the urban footprint (existing urban development and UGBs)
Equitable Access   5 Decrease the share of lower-income residents’ household income consumed by transportation and housing by 10%
Equitable Access   6 Increase the share of affordable housing in PDAs, TPAs, or high-opportunity areas by 15%
Equitable Access   7 Do not increase the share of low- and moderate-income renter households in PDAs, TPAs, or high-opportunity areas that are at risk of displacement
Economic Vitality   8 Increase by 20% the share of jobs accessible within 30 minutes by auto or within 45 minutes by transit in congested conditions
Economic Vitality   9 Increase by 35%** the number of jobs in predominantly middle-wage industries
Economic Vitality  10 Reduce per-capita delay on the Regional Freight Network by 20%
Transportation System
 11 Increase non-auto mode share by 10%
Transportation System
 12 Reduce vehicle operating and maintenance costs due to pavement conditions by 100%
Transportation System
 13 Reduce per-rider transit delay due to aged infrastructure by 100%

Thanks to public comments from across the Bay Area, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) modified Plan Bay Area’s goals and targets to reflect what we heard. Because of public input, Plan Bay Area currently:

  • includes the strength of our economy as a measure of success.
  • contains the goal that we're working to preserve open space and agricultural land.
  • promotes the health and safety of communities by encouraging walking and biking.

To review the meeting materials from the Performance Working Group, which helped to shape Plan Bay Area 2040's Goals and Targets, go to the Performance Working Group's meetings page.