Summer 2024 Engagement

Beginning in August, MTC staff will conduct a series of public engagement activities at events and community spaces in cities across the nine-county Bay Area, the content of which will focus on:

  • Sharing both the Draft Blueprint outcomes and the Transit 2050+ Draft Network
  • Gathering feedback to inform the development of the Final Blueprint and address identified Draft Blueprint challenges
  • Identifying early priorities for implementing Plan Bay Area 2050+

There will be a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities for the public to participate. Check back for a schedule of engagement activities up-to-date on upcoming engagement activities in your community by subscribing to the Plan Bay Area 2050+ mailing list. There will also be dedicated engagement opportunities for technical partners and stakeholders, which will be publicized on the Partner Engagement page.

Following an analysis of public input, the Commission and the ABAG Executive Board are anticipated to consider approval of the Final Blueprint in late 2024.